The Destiny Series

Lust and Loneliness, Book One of the Destiny Series

Claire and John are the last survivors of a plane crash. Background and age difference makes the two castaways an unlikely couple. Having only each other though, it is the loneliness as much as their lust that lets them cast aside all reservations one day. As Claire sets out to discover her sexuality, she inadvertently falls in love. Love, however, is a big word in a small world that is anything but paradise. When after years in oblivion both unexpectedly return from the dead, the real challenges are just beginning, as each of them has to find back into a life that will never be the same anymore.


With Lust and Loneliness begins the extraordinary love and life story of two people brought together by destiny, a destiny that is still holding far more in stock for them than both can possibly foresee yet. And it is not about Claire and John’s destiny alone. The world, as they once knew it, is in flux. It is the time of great uncertainty, of social and moral decay, which is soon testing their will for survival all over again.

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It is the time of despots and desperation, of deceit and denial, disaster and dissolution, as much as of decay and decadence. Then again, it is also the time of chances and change, in particular for those that can see beyond the darkness, those who still have hope, still believe in love and inspire others to follow them on the narrow path to a new dawn. Two of these people are John and Claire, who together with friends and family try to withstand the storm with wit and creativity. But that may no be enough. Behind the scenes are forces at work that slowly begin to entwine their destiny with the destiny of all.

The Lovers, Book Two of the Destiny Series



Destiny had brought them together. By accepting John’s proposal, Claire stands up against her family’s initial misgivings to tie the knot with a man who, by age, could be her father.

But these are different times now, uncertain times, and to find true love has become something special. A big wedding sparks the hope for brighter days to come and brings three families together in a rather unexpected way.

Love seems to be contagious, creating family ties, which soon will be needed to face the unpredictable. The future.


The Wheel Of Fortune,

Book Three of the Destiny Series


The Wheel of Fortune is turning. In a climate of economic decline and an ever-growing divide between haves and have-nots, Claire and John are fortunate to belong to those the new time offers opportunities. While Claire begins her studies at med-school, John’s career takes a path leading him closer to the higher echelons of power. Consequently, for the two newlyweds, it becomes increasingly hard to find enough time for each other. But with the help of a new friend, the eccentric Kama Sutra instructor and sex counselor Aurora, Claire and John discover their ‘inner island’ again, at The Wild Side, which is more than a mere adult store. It is destiny.