Knowledge is power! To bring about change and to take control of our destiny, the Internet and social media are the most effective tools we have at our disposal. It connects us, spreads the word and lets you know you are not alone. There are others out there, all over the globe, thinking like you and sharing the same values, dreams and goals.



This list of links is thought as a first portal to meet some of those people who are on the way already and teach by example. May these pioneers of a new era be an inspiration for you as they are for me!

Permaculture is far more than the name reveals. Learn more about living a sustainable life. Geoff Lawton is an icon in this field. He had made a wonderful introduction video on the subject.

You can also visit the Permaculture Research Institute, filled with great stories and videos, or take an hour and listen to Geoff explaining the philosophy behind permaculture. For video interview click here.

Permaculture is the future. But what is Permaculture?

You wonder what you can do to make a difference? See what others do.


And here is a gem, a real eye-opener. Let’s go back to school and take Chris Martenson’s Peak Prosperity Crash Course that will clarify a few things on the ‘matrix’ we are living in. You have the choice between the compressed 1-hour accelerated version and the full course. Warning: After watching, you may not look at the world with the same eyes anymore!

Last but not least, The Tarot.

I’m not an esoteric person, but I always felt drawn to the ancient secrets and mysticism artists tried to conceal in tarot cards, and next to the Crowley-tarot, Carl-W. Röhrig’s are at least as profound. They are also breathtakingly beautiful and sexy. Have a look yourself at, where you find everything on tarot decks.


Just in case you need a little laugh now, I’ll give you one more. Here is one of my idols, George Carlin about saving the planet.

To round it off, a short selection of interesting non-fiction books on the topic:

Info and links

This short list should be enough for starters. With future releases, I will add more to some specific topics as they are addressed in the story.

Soon to come: A list of all titles of songs appearing throughout the books (hint: Claire will still need her singing talent).

The Naked Ape

by Desmond Morris

This Changes Everything

by Naomi Klein

Guns, Germs and Steel

by Jared Diamond

The Chaos Point

by Ervin Laszlo