With the last of the first three books, The Wheel Of Fortune the stage is set. With the next three, the story takes up speed.

(Hint: By now you may have noticed that the tarot cards have not been chosen randomly.)

The Fool

The Fool is Book Four, written for the most part from John’s perspective, which will send him on his path. Release planned for February 2018.

Princess Of Wands

Book Five. This time it’s Claire and her secret doing. Spring 2018

The Hanged Man

Oh-oh, that doesn’t sound good. Summer 2018

Don’t think for a moment I shot all my powder. With The Tower and Judgement, the real adventure just begins and will continue with The Star, The Magus and The Moon. So there is still a lot more to come.

(Note: These are the images of the tarot cards and do not resemble the actual book covers!)