The Destiny Series

    The Destiny Series is a work of cross-genre fiction, bringing together romance, erotica and adventure in a new way by interweaving real issues of our time with hypothetical events threatening our civilization. But, as you will see, it is not an apocalyptic story in the classical sense. With people like Claire and John, there is still hope.

    Lust and Loneliness,

    Book One of the

    Destiny Series


    Claire and John are the last survivors of a plane crash. Background and age difference makes the two castaways an unlikely couple. Having only each other... 

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    The Lovers

    Book Two of the 

    Destiny Series


    Destiny had brought them together. By accepting John’s proposal, Claire stands up against her family’s initial misgivings...

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    Book Three of the Destiny Series is just released on Smashwords

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    The Wheel of Fortune

    Book Three of the Destiny Series

    The Wheel of Fortune is turning. In a climate of economic decline and an ever-growing divide between haves and have-nots, Claire and John are fortunate to belong to those the new time offers opportunities.

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    Destiny Project


    Welcome to the Destiny Project



    Call it coincidence, fate, providence, kismet or karma; I prefer the term ‘destiny’ because I believe destiny can be shaped. As a writer of fiction, I do that every day. And if you are following Claire and John’s destiny, they may have already become part of yours, by bringing you here.


    Whereas Claire and John’s destiny together with that of millions of others is merely a product of imagination, our future does not have to look that bleak. Our destiny is not carved in stone. If we annihilate ourselves over the last resources left on Earth or peacefully venture out to settle the far reaches of our galaxy one day, is yet to be decided, by all of us, in this century. As the Destiny Series tells of this crucial time when our species finds itself at the crossroads, it is also a story of change, and this is the story we all can be part of.


    If something is in the making, we call it a project, hence the name Destiny Project.

    I invite you to come along and engage in the conversation how each of us can make a difference. I like to share how the story came about and why writing it has become so important to me. I will give background information, try to answer questions and provide a list of links to websites that might be of interest to the reader.


    As of now only Lust and Loneliness, The Lovers, and The Wheel of Fortune have been released, so please understand I’m somewhat still limited in what I can give away for now without spoiling it. But over time, and also in response to my readers’ comments, this website will grow and fill with more information.


    Thank you for coming.



    Mika Doll


    The Story

    Every story has a story. In this section, I will reveal how the Destiny Series came about, what's behind it and tell a little more about the person who wrote it. 



    The forum of the Destiny Project is a members' area where you have the opportunity to engage in a constructive conversation with like-minded people. Feel free to ask questions, to leave comments or to make suggestions. All I ask of you, please use common sense and be respectful to everyone. I reserve the right to delete any inappropriate or offensive context.


    For those that wish to contact me in person via email, please note that I won’t always be able to respond to every email. However, some frequently asked questions will be answered here on this website.